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The Double Duty Challenge Continues...

Now I know this is a tough challenge,

but I can promise that if you tackle this one, you will naturally grow and be surprised by what you have within your own creative selves.

So far, the design team and players have been beyond inspirational and I am thrilled to be doing the $50.00 gift code for this one. The winner will have truly earned it. [Plus there will be a little something extra for all who give this challenge a try]. Come on the journey and test your skills. Let's kick off round 2 of the inspiration.



Hi everyone! Are you ready for the next challenge on the Emerald Creek Supplies Dare Blog!!! WELL... It is all about Double Duty... I took it to be a literal meaning... SO... I created two cards that I will be able to be used in the future.. LET SEE... WE HAVE... Easter, Mother's Day, Graduations, maybe a birthday... SO YOU SEE... My "double duty" card will fit many up and coming holidays or events.


Double Duty

This is our toughest Challenge EVER! and I am sticking with the theme because I LOVE how it created inspiration. The purpose of this is to help all of us see our products differently. I must confess it initially came to me when looking at a skirt from Jessica's post Red Poppies to Rememberwhere she used the Tiger Lily Stamp as a skirt pattern.

So ponder your work station, crafts, stamps and items and see what how you can create 2 different projects using the same products, take 1 creation and give it 2 purposes, or use 1 product in 2 different ways (ie a stamp as the image or a pattern)


So, to kick us off is Claudia and I am so excited.


What a challenge that was! But challenges are there to be stood up to - so here it is: my double duty project that can be made to either be used as a napkin ring or as a little lantern to be put over a small tea light. Emerald Creek offer a huge lot of gorgeous embellishments to create your own designs with - so these two are just for st…