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Uno Mas?!

This post can also be titled  "Uno More" as stated by my 2 year old
The Reveal of the secrets within the the cone!

Ice Resin, you beautiful fun product you. I had a crummy day just over a month ago when my children escaped the backyard and left me wildly searching (they were safe and on an adventure through the alleys looking for their lost ball). Worn and emotionally drained, I had to leave the day job early the next day and was in search of some kind of pick me up. I decided the perfect pick me up would be a "junking" of sorts. So off to the Scrap Yard (our local scrapbook store) for a hunt of creative treasures. A variety of buy by the piece, weight and package type store. 

Upon entering, I was greeted by store owner, Lori, a friend of hers and 2 baby ducks (3 days old) that had latched on to their new human mommy (Lori's friend). What an awesome greeting to start the pick me up. As the babies left, Lori and I began to chat about the events that unfolded wit…

Fly Beautiful Butterfly

A while back I met an awesome lady, Karen Beaupre, owner of Southern Ridge Trading Co. Her chipboard and wood die cuts were amazing. The intricacies & details were absolutely divine.
When an opportunity came to guest design for her I was thrilled. The assignment - 'Anything Feminine' - piece of cake!
ha Ha HA!? I was so frustrated by my project and trying to narrow down what should go on it and what colour combos. I kept adding too many pieces NS did not have a flow but then, my sister routed through my bag, grabbed a random paper cutoff and Sizzix letter die, and I was off. When I was done, I carried the project with me for a day because I wasn't in love with it yet. I looked at it in different light, got people's reactions, and then took it apart.
I took my favorite parts and starting layering, then after stepping back, swearing and learning to breathe, my brain finally kicked in. Removal of one clock piece and replacing it with an Emerald Creek Butterfly, stamp…

Here comes SUMMER!

Here in Alberta, Canada we have been blown away by a beautiful early spring. 
We felt excited and inspired to go to all of our summer inspired stamps, powders and charms. Look closely and you will see some of our NOT SO summery stamps have also made an appearance with a twist and I love it.

It's all about the beach and water for this challenge, so I decided that I would create a ocean themed birthday card. Head on over to my blog to read all about how I created my card and my custom background. 


The sun finally starts to heat and hopefully the New and Old Danube will be warm enough soon to go swimming (or at least kayaking)! But in the meantime let's dream of sandy beaches, colourful beach huts and waves crashing on the shore.



Well ... It is all about the water, beach, summer!!!! WOOT!!! WOOT!!! When I think of the sea, I think of mystery and intrigue... what lays in the depth of the sea... so I wanted to challenge myself... AND... decided to use a Chri…

The B's Buttons Brads etc

Mother's Day can be so tough
and bring such mixed emotion for so many. So instead of going for Mother's Day this
close to the holiday, I thought we should encompass all things B.
That means, if you use Brads, Bling, Buttons, Babies, Bears, Bees, Butterflies ...... well you get the point, then enter this dare. The beauty of this is that if you are celebrating being a Mom, your mom or a mom you admire, you can still bring these creations  and celebrations to this challenge.
Because let's face it, if you are a Mom, its definitely the most underpaid, highest value job. Especially if you had to raise me or my brother!


To kick us off is mom who raised 3 boys of her own. I'm sure she's had her fair share of adventures!

Are you ready for the next Emerald Creek Supplies Dare Challenge!!! WELL... IT IS ALL BUTTONS, BRADS, BUCKLES AND BABIES!!! I created a fun "Celebrate" card using a fun Flower Brad and Buckle from the Emerald Creek store  along with the Wo…

the 'Creek' is overflowing with talent

Meet the Newest Members!
An excited welcome to

Cassandra, Deb, and Heather!

Cassandra DeGrace Scrap Savvy Creations

Deb Ridell

Paxton Valley Folk Art
Heather Ulmer
Stay Beautiful

Be sure to pop over to these ladies and give them a warm welcome.

We are are so excited to have you and look forward to your first posts on the Emerald Creek Dares Starting in June 2016.

I really want to thank everyone who entered this time. It was our toughest selection yet. You are all so talented and I couldn't be more honoured that you found my site worthy of your time to enter and participate in.