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Yes, Rocks can be Embossed!

Keeping true to the theme of Anything But Paper 
I have been testing what I would normally do on paper and its limits on rocks. Why, because I am camping and I want to make sure that if the apocalypse happens and i am able to camp, I most certainly want to be able to craft too. (Kidding, I am not a doomsday-er)
Anyway, after the rock stamping going so well, ideas started to flow, Can I use embossing powder on a rock? The answer is Yes, but it's tricky. A rock is super porous so ink soaks in way too fast for the powder to stick. it also wicks the water away, making the powder plow off before it go hot enough. Then, thanks to the recent Creative Chemistry 101, Tim talked about over baking powder. How can i do that without the correct tools...
Well, it took a couple attempts but the best result came from the finest powder parts of the Burnt Copper Leaves and a juicy archival ink. It has to be really wet but still can hold detail (the emboss it dabber was too gooey and lost the detail…

Nations Celebrated!

Canada Day & Independence Day are knocking on our Door and what an awesome line up of creations to celebrate these occasions.

I love all of my team's projects, but I have to say Pam's project made me smile. While featuring so many pieces from emerald creek, the Graphic 45 gals were a perfect touch. I feel like they are Canadian and American and 'Besties Forever', which is pretty much how I feel about all of you that are south of the border.

 Happy Independence Day Celebrations are right around the corner for those of us in the USA.   AND.... A Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!!!  The Emerald Creek Design Team is sharing some special occasions projects to celebrate!!!


Deb's luminary is absolutely perfect. I don't know about you, by I love the celebration after dark with fireworks, campfires and sparklers. And now I am going to see if I can whip up one of these to hang on the trailer.

Happy Canada Day and happy Independence Day to al…

Yes, Rocks Can Be Stamped!

For my first of the Anything But Paper Creations, 

I decided to do some rock stamping while camping. We are along a river so there is an ample amount of stones and rocks plus I promised my son he could paint rocks. Le the 2016 Rock Garden begin.
So my first project is super simple.

Find a flat smoothish rock, grab your Stazon or Archival ink, (today I had archival because I was working on Creative Chemistry 101 while camping). Select a stamp or a few and get stamp happy. Please note, red rubber backed on foam will be better due to the uneven nature of a rock.
Use Alcohol Inks, or similar. you want something that won't react with water. The first day I coloured it with the Distress markers, it looked beautiful and then it rained. Duh, what was I thinking. We will call it holiday brain.

I will be photographing the rock over the summer to show the sun fade and wear. lets see how long this lasts.
Now it's your turn, craft WITHOUT paper and enter the 'Anything but Paper' D…

Anything But Paper....

Are you up for this dare?
We want to see you grab jars, glass, plastic, flowers, leather, wire, metals, foam core, moss, you name it, if it isn't paper then craft with it! Don't be shy, and this one comes with an extra surprise gift, because if you can win this you deserve a little something extra.

First up is Claudia, and she crushed it!


Who needs paper to have some creative fun?! ;) Stamping into embossing enamels is great fun and can give you amazing texture and effects! I used an old linen book spine and some wood hearts from the dollar store to create an aged and worn looking wall hanging.

Katelyn, nailed it with the brads!


It's all about Anything But Paper for this two week challenge! Embossing brads is lots of fun and you can customize them whatever look you want as I did to create a flower image. I can't wait to see what you create for this two week challenge.

Shilpa created Stunning eye candy with her project!


We have to work on Anything bu…

Father's Day with EC - Guest Designer Gloria

With Father's Day around the corner, I wanted to make sure every one had one more chance to be inspired by a talented artist that is not part of the Design Team. A while back Gloria and i spoke about opportunities for her to do something with the Emerald Creek products for the Emerald Creek followers.
I have been so giddy, waiting for today, to see what she unveiled and I could not help but hop up from my chair at work. 
Gloria is so talented, diverse, and amazing! I am so blessed and fortunate for people like her in my life. I actually feel blessed to have all of you in my life. The business of the craft world was daunting and overwhelming. But because all of you have participated and posted with emerald creek and me I am thrilled to be a part of this creative family.
So getting back to family, Please check out 
Gloria's Father's Day card
From her blog:
'Making masculine cards is a fun change for me, taking me away from all the flowers and do dads and such. I still had …

Dearest Daddio

Today we kick off the idea generator for guy Cards.
I'm a huge fan of the Dad's to me and my husband. We were both really lucky to have landed such great parents. They are both inspiring and have supported us. They have taught us great work ethic, family values and, let's face it, most of all how to have fun! I am also, so fortunate and blessed to have married such an awesome guy that is already becoming the best dad to our 2 mischievous munchkins. 

Before we get started into the projects, I just want to say one more round of thank yous to all who applied for the design team. I was taken back by the excitement and quality of all of the applicants. If you weren't selected this round do not be afraid to try again, you are all really good and deserve to be on the team.

To Begin the 'Dearest Daddio' posts we are going to let 2 of the newest members lead the way.

I am so excited to be sharing my first project for Emerald Creek!I had a lot of funplaying …