Design Team Spring 2016 Call

Call for Designers

We are a Canadian stamp & embellishments manufacturer  looking for 2 designers to join our team.  Submissions are to feature your creative side using Ink, stamps, dies, stencils, embossing powders and any other paper craft items you can think of.  You must be active both in blogging & on social media.
Please send 3 project submissions with blog links by April 29th,2016 to and title them  
DT Spring 2016.
Selections will be made by  May  1, 2016.

   Only submissions following all of these guidelines will be considered. Due to the number of submissions often sent in, only those who are considered will be contacted

Best of Luck. I can't wait to see what you create!

 photo PNBDjxHgXf80EqKXj22BjTjcPUR-hjAhJOXnhNvULCY.png


  1. Great I. Always miss as I don't have a blog.

    1. Well start simple blogging and try for the next time. Simple instructive blogs are all it would take with a decent social media presence.

  2. Great I. Always miss as I don't have a blog.

  3. Wonderful opportunity, thank you Kim! Deb xo

    1. :) I can't wait to meet you. You are so wonderful!

  4. What a great opportunity! Would love to apply for this wonderful team


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